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At Summerfields Primary School, all children have access to a wide curriculum which includes English, Maths, Science, Computing, Geography, History, Music, Art, Technology, PSHE and PE. We follow a locally agreed syllabus for RE. Most emphasis is placed on English, Maths, Science and Computing.

At all stages and ages we will help the children to:

  • Develop a command of basic English and communicate with others
  • Enjoy reading for pleasure or information
  • Develop a knowledge and understanding of basic mathematical operations including number, measures, shape, algebra and data handling
  • Appreciate and develop skills in creative arts and music
  • Enjoy and become skilled in recreational activities such as sport, drama and dance
  • Become curious about their immediate and wider environment and understand their responsibility to and for it
  • Increase their scientific knowledge and understanding
  • Learn that courtesy, good manners and consideration for others are very important qualities
  • Encourage good health and a positive self image

Children are grouped by ability for some subjects.

Various teaching methods are used, depending on the task in hand, and these include whole class lessons, children working in separate groups and individual work. Our aim is to help children to learn in an enjoyable and interesting way.

KS1 phonics is taught through Letters and Sounds and we use Oxford Reading Tree as our reading scheme.

Pedagogy for continuous provision in Year 1 at Summerfields:

At Summerfields Primary School, we have found a way to ensure that every one of the 30 children in Year 1 has access to an education that is uniquely suited to them as individual learners, where they are also becoming co-operative and responsible members of the school society. They are equipped with the literacy and maths skills that they need in order to “play” and learn about things that interest them. Through this they will thrive – they have remained the enthusiastic, independent, happy and unique individuals that they were when they left Year R. Children aged five or six want to learn. Moreover, they want to be active, autonomous and unique learners – exploring, discovering, creating and taking risks. In other words they want to play. They each have different life histories, leading to unique personalities, interests, needs and skills. But they all want to play in order to satisfy their desire to learn. However, in many schools Year 1 feels like secondary school, with formal, subject-specific lessons and an approach that implies “one size fits all”. The curriculum in many such schools has been narrowed down to virtually nothing but literacy and maths – as if these subjects are an end in themselves, rather than the tools that can lead to exciting learning in infinite areas. This is not what we want for children at Summerfields.

Play can mean many things but we believe “play is whatever a child does in order to satisfy their desire to learn”. As such, play is a serious business. The child who needs a light for the top of their robot will persevere with the wires, batteries and bulbs until they achieve success – this is play. The child who wants to traverse the complete run of the adventure playground will stay outside for three hours trying different techniques – this is play. The child who wants the basketball net fixed will sit for a long period, writing a polite and clear letter to persuade the staff to come and help – this is play. The child who wants to make pizza with only limited funds will discuss, read and research to make sure the result will be tasty – this is play.

Whole class teaching will be appropriate at times, for example teacher input for maths and phonics. Children’s work will be recorded in a variety of ways but always appropriate for the child’s level of development and in line with National Curriculum expectations. As the year progresses there will be greater emphasis on adult led activities which will prepare the children for their transition into Year 2.

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